Posting With Purpose


When thinking of acquiring followers for your social media site, be like the t-rex. You don’t want to be too sedentary with your activity – he sees his prey through movement and lack of posts may cause current followers to lose interest and newcomers to view this as a sign that you will not provide the current information that might be seeking. In other words, you will fail to be seen as a web presence. Nor do you want to be to sporadic with posts, sharing memes and adorable pictures of LOLCats just because they’re popular and you think people will like them. The t-rex is not very agile and will not be able to follow that scattered pattern, and neither will your audience. Instead, determine what your brand is, what you wish your viewers to take from your site, and focus on creating interesting content that meets those goals. Anything else will distract them from your purpose and probably send them fleeing to an easier meal to digest.

This is not to say that you cannot post fun content when you want to. On the contrary, viewers will love you if you can find a way to marry fun and appropriate material in your posts. This may involve some creative thinking as you think of a way to tie a picture or a story into your library or museum and your holding and services. But always keep in mind what your goal is with a post and make sure that every message remains true to that mission!

As an example, let’s say that I really liked this image, which I do and thought my followers on Facebook might giggle when they saw it.


It would not necessarily be appropriate for a library’s social media page, unless you find some way of connecting to your mission. If my mission is to highlight my library’s collection, facility, and services, I might include the following text with this image:

“Feeling like you’re falling just short of achieving excellence? Ask a Librarian how you can find the books you need to achieve your desired goal.”

Perhaps that’s not the best example per se, but you get the idea! Other ideas might be including the call number of a relevant book on the subject matter or directing students to an appropriate service area, like Academic Advising. Your page should be lean and mean without any fluff! Every post should be focused on your goal – even if it involves a little imagination to get it there!

Some social media platforms may be more limiting than others if you wish to explain the meaning behind your post and tie in its relevance. For instance, Facebook will allow you enter a lengthy text while Twitter is restricted to 140 characters. Instagram gets even worse because most followers only care about the visual itself and don’t pay as much attention to the caption. So consider your platform and your audience, and try your best to be focused in all you do to keep your readers interested in all the exciting things you surely have to tell them!



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