You, too, can YouTube!

In class, I’ve noticed a lot of people automatically think of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram when considering social media sites that information professionals should be taking most advantage of, but YouTube has plenty to offer too. Libraries and Museums are using the video hosting site in a variety of ways, from web tutorials to general outreach. So if you’re feeling a little ancient when someone mentions staring a YouTube channel for your library, don’t worry. I’ve curated some samples below from various institutions that are using it effectively!

Don’t look so worried – let’s learn this together!

Promoting the Importance of Libraries

New York Public Library started a great series called Library Stories in which some of their patrons and staff shared what the library means to them and why it’s such an important place in their lives. According to their site, “The mission of The New York Public Library is to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities. Through the pursuit of this mission, the Library touches the lives of thousands of New Yorkers every day, and every interaction creates a story.” Library stories explores the way each story is relevant to the library’s mission.

Highlighting the Collection

The Natural History Museum in NYC took to YouTube to share an audio slideshow of the book Rare Treasures from their Special Collections Department. Other libraries have used the site for a similar purpose, showing off interesting holdings, such as a collection of tiny books and other oddities that patrons might not otherwise know existed in the Stacks.

Training Purposes

Departments within the library itself sometimes create videos, such as this creative effort by Columbia University to add interest to subject matter that students might not otherwise find very engaging. Other libraries have created tutorials for patrons to easily navigate standard library services, such as a new website, popular databases, proper citation, renewing books online, and more.

Book Reviews

Some librarians have taken their expertise and love of books and reading to the Web and have started their own Youtube channels on behalf of their libraries, where they review books from their collection and recommend their top choices. These videos often involve brief plot summaries, ratings, and personal critiques.

Other Options?

What other options are available to libraries or museums looking for a creative way to utilize YouTube? Some users have begun posting interactive “choose your own” adventure games that link a series of videos that share a narrative and proceed depending on the viewers choice of action. Though I have not seen any library related stories so far, I can easily imagine an education library adventure that involves students attempting to navigate their way through the stacks and encountering various storybook-inspired adventures along the way! This option would, of course, require staff who are proficient at writing and a crew interested in acting out the roles assigned, but it seems a promising and engaging addition to any library or museum’s YouTube channel! I look forward to seeing one in the future!


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